Feels 2

Feels is a project that talks about universal feelings and emotional processes that everybody can live during their life experience. The metaphors are made with natural and common objects in contact with different parts of the body to give the poetic meaning of it.

Director: Aloma Lafontana
Photographer: Andreu Romaní
Video: Roberto Martinez
Postproduction: Alejandra Andrés
Make-up artist: Clare Frank
Hair: Natalia Lanzas
Music: Marco Mezquida
Shoot in the Llibertat studios, Barcelona 2012.

Learn: Sponge gourd
Brain’s cognitive and emotional functions are embodied in a sponge, that is able to absorb or to squeeze out. This is the way in which learning acts: it impregnates us with invisible instruments that can turn out to be vital at any moment.
Yes: Matches
Incendiary opening.
No: Needles
Impassable opening.