La Fura dels Baus : Lisbon

Large-scale show of La Fura dels Baus exclusively conceived for the Super Bock Super Rock festival premiered in June 2018 in Lisbon. A poetic and metaphoric performance with live music, aerial dance, pyrotechnics, interaction, fire and water to create an unforgettable experience. Show for which I designed two different dresses, one of 3 meters and the other of 8 meters.

Director and composer: Miki Espuma
Producer: Nadala Fernández
Singer: Mariola Membrives
Actors: Joaquín Revenga, Juan Navarro
Lighting design : Jaime Llerins
Costume design: Aloma Lafontana
Rigging: Anigami
Photo: Inês Barrau & Nuno Cruz

This is a hat made of lead that I also designed that couldn’t be wear for security issues because there was some risk of entanglement with the cables of the giant.

And here you can see the costume test of the 8 meters skirt.