Wearing memories: Video

There are contents of memories and images that transport us. There are media storages that are losing the capability of being reproduced. Even so, as long as they last, they can bring us to memories and places we had lived. They work as the memory, they can deteriorate, distort or disappear.

Wearing Memories is a collection of three pieces made with obsolete audiovisual material. I have used 16mm film, Vhs and Dvd’s. Every media support is related to a different period of memories, 16mm are the ancestors, Vhs is childhood and Dvds is Youth. Dresses which contain memories, like a second skin that relives with time distortion.

Design Aloma Lafontana
Performance Carme Diaby
& Nora Lønnebotn
Direction Iker Iturria
Cinematography Lucas Pintos
Still Photograpy Garcia Morales
& Lucas Pintos
Makeup Estefania Vaqué
Editing Tomás Navarro
Music Marco Mezquida
Typography Carles Rodrigo
Shoot in Barcelona in 2020