Brisa Fenoy, Ella ( She)

The concept of this music video is articulated around the communicative strategy of linking the content of its images to an act of revolt against the objectification of women. It is done through visual metaphors that breathe intelligence, elegance and audacity. Critical visual metaphors that drink from the world of the most avant-garde fashion and contemporary art. Creating a unique universe that acts as an endowment of the artist identity. Using references that are recognizable to the public, but combined in an entirely new way. The film is constructed through a battery of visual metaphors with strong critical content. Taking advantage of the growing tendency of women sexual objectification in the music industry. We see the protagonist, “Brisa”, declaring her rejection to be embedded in the stereotype of an objectify woman and we are witnessing a clear position. How? Through the interaction with different key elements. Creating evocative visual sculptures.

Directed by Manfre and Iker Iturria
Production Company : Humanproduce
Cinematographer: Lucas Pintos
Still Photo : Fernando Gómez
Stylist : Tamara MF
Make up : Manuel Hidalgo
Hair Style : Aurora Ponce
Masks Designer : Aloma Lafontana
Label : Universal Music Spain