Armors: Water

Water bottles

Armors are a reviewing of the old clothing for defense. They come from
ancient times symbology but in order to protect the needs of nowadays

I’ve always felt attracted to the Armors as clothing for
confrontation and its given usage through history. In many Native
communities, the armor was imbued with spiritual protection as well,
which sometimes was believed even more powerful than its physical

Even though the armors are pieces almost out of use, this project
reflects the paradigmatical social structure of nowadays, putting the
population constantly on confrontation states.

Water is a universal symbol for change and is often present at the most important turning points of the metamorphosis of the Earth. Ancient Greeks understood the power of transition hold by water: from liquid to solid, to vapor. This armor with Water bottles speaks about the confrontation that we are living with Planet Earth.

Design by Aloma Lafontana
Shoot by Garcia Morales & Lucas Pintos
Lighting design by Lucas Pintos
Model Nora Lønnebotn
Makeup by Estefania Vaqué