Royal Bliss

Gerson Aguerri whisks us off on a whirlwind jaunt exploring the flavours of Royal Bliss in this masterfully crafted commercial. In an instant, slow-motion retelling, we get to savour each element in all its glory.

And for this ad Carolina Galiana commissioned me an armor for a Motocross jumper. The armor could not be  made of metal because it was dangerous to the jumper and had to be golden mirror effect. After several tests I found the right material, plastic mirror.


AGENCY: Bungalow25
DIRECTOR: Gerson Aguerri
Executive Producer: Oscar Romagosa
Head of Production: Alba Barneda
Exec. Prod. BCN: Victor Mata
Production Manager: Xavi Vara
DOP: Pau Castejón
Art director: Andrea Batlló
Stylist: Carolina Galiana
Design of the Armor: Aloma Lafontana