Pas per pau

(Step for Peace)

Step for peace walks the exiles of the soul, talks about the roots and rootlessness, the site of the loss and hope, of the displacements and fleeing, the spaces of memory and horizons that beat love and life. The artist Ada Vilaró faced a five-day silent walk across the Bages region. Her journey started on 30 September with a performance in the Sant Benet de Bages Monastery. From here, she began a new path, which toke her through several municipalities in the region. She undertake her journey silently, collecting testimonies of peace and accompanied by other volunteer walkers.

For this project Ada Vilaró needed a piece of cloth that could collect the desires of the people who followed in her walk and I proposed her to make it as a dress that she could wear during the 5 days performance, she loved it  because matches perfectly on the idea of her as the bringer of those desires. On the last day of the performance we hanged the dress with all the messages on the façade of the Seu de Manresa. There was messages of peace, love and respect in many languages.  I needed to make some research because the dress need to be light and resistant and with 17 meters long, but we chose a cotton fabric that solved all the needs.


Co-production: Fira Mediterrànea,Fundació Catalunya La Pedrera and Escena Poblenou
Sponsored by: Departament de cultura de la generalitat de Catalunya, in collaboration with Fundació Carulla
Direction, creation and perfromer: Ada Vilaró Casals
Director assistant and performer: Paloma Orts Pascual
Production and creation: Enric Llort
Photographer: Eva Freixa
Director of la “Cobla Catalana dels sons essencials”: Marcel Casellas
Musician of Baschet instrument: Josep Maria Cols
Costume design: Aloma Lafontana