Feels 2
Personal artwork

Director: Aloma Lafontana
Photographer: Andreu Romaní
Video: Roberto Martinez
Postproduction: Alejandra Andrés
Make-up artist: Clare Frank
Hair: Natalia Lanzas
Shoot in the Llibertat studios, Barcelona 2012.

Learn: Sponge gourd
Brain's cognitive and emotional functions embodied in a sponge, able of absorbing or squeezing out.
This is the way in what learning acts: it impregnate us with invisible instruments that can turn out of vital importance at any moment.  

Inhibit: Needles
Impassable opening. Just a suicidal courage can go beyond conflict.

Incite: Matches
Incendiary opening. Wish and prohibition intimately tied up. Just the blind excitation can go beyond fire.