Feels 1
Personal artwork

Director: Aloma Lafontana
Photographer: Andreu Romaní
Video: Roberto Martinez
Postproduction: Alejandra Andrés
Make-up artist: Clare Frank
Hair: Natalia Lanzas
Shoot in the Llibertat studios, Barcelona 2012.

Enthusiasm: Swimsuit and pompoms
Enthusiasm works as a electric rubbing and goes up from the stomach to the eyes and pass along persons.

Optimism: Shoulder pat and fabric
Each surpassed test enlarges our shoulders and gets us ready for highest boundaries, adding more and more layers of hypertrophic cicatrices that endure
the natural weaves and allow to see a more optimistic future.

Guard: Needles
The sharpening and bright point of hundreds of needles that form these shoulder patches is an invitation
to taste their power, a hedgehog's skin constantly on guard.

Dol: Tassels
Gravity squeezed out eyelashes, eyes burst into tears.
Crying doesn’t lighten any sorrow when tears are a turbid and dense curtain that darkens vision completely.

Companion: Bronze and cane.
The solitary path has nonsense. In the same way. people need to hold someone's hand, either physical or ephemeral.
The hands of beloved persons.

Furure: Shoes and hammers
Let every step be a dry blow on the earth, let the rhythm of my resolute route have a high and clear sound.